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At Mountain River Veterinary Hospital, we make sure that your pets are well attended to. Meet the diligent and caring staff of the clinic below.

Garth George Dr. Chase Staker, DVM

  • Dr.
    Garth Waddoups, DVM

    Garth graduated from Washington State University in 1990. He has taught laser surgery all over the world and has special interest in orthopedic and soft tissue surgeries as well. He takes joy in making his operating room a place only the brave will go. He is an equal opportunity jokester. Pays special attention to detail and is extremely aware of any potential improvements that could be obtained within the workplace. Enjoys riding horses, leatherwork, welding and rawhide braiding.

  • Dr. George Olaveson, DVM

    George grew up in Rigby with a large family and a large number of animals. This is where he developed an interest in veterinary medicine. He spent many hours working with local practitioners and that fueled an even greater desire to pursue a career in this amazing field. After schooling at Idaho State University and Washington State University he began practice in 1993. In 2005 he saw the completion of Mountain River Veterinary Hospital and has enjoyed nearly everyday there. He has especially enjoyed the people that trusted him with the care of their animals. He has been blessed to have the most amazing wife and children, who have been everything to him at work and at home. They just love to be together doing whatever the adventure of the day entails.

    Thank you for you loyal support of such a fun place to work.

  • Dr. Chase Staker, DVM

    Dr. Chase Staker, received his Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine Degree, at Washington State University College of Veterinary Medicine.  Following the completion of a Bachelors degree in, Animal Science at Brigham Young University- Idaho. Growing up on a cattle ranch in Southeast Idaho Dr. Staker has a special interest in cattle production and equine medicine, he also has a passion for companion animal medicine as well. When not busy at the hospital you might find him with his wife and two boys, most likely on the back of a horse or working cattle. He along with his wife Jami love being part of this community and raising their family in this wonderful part of Idaho.

  • Ashley

    Ashley grew up on the Oregon coast. At a young age she got into horses and rode english and did jumping. She graduated high school with recognition for starting up the school equestrian team. After high school she moved to Idaho to attend college where she met her sweetheart. Ashley graduated with a BS in Agricultural Business, and a minor in Animal Science. Together Ashley and her husband have worked on many cattle ranches and feedlots in Oregon, Montana, and Idaho. Ashley has a step daughter and 2 little kids that bring her much joy outside of work. She has worked at MRVH since 2017. Ashley loves spending time with her family hiking, biking, horseback riding, and giving riding lessons.

  • Brian

    Brian's family moved to Rigby when he was 3 years old.  He graduated from Rigby High School in 2013.  His favorite animals are horses and dogs and he loves working at MRVH.  He keeps busy throughout the year participating in sports with Special Olympics.  His favorite sport is playing basketball but especially looks forward to horseback riding and competition every summer.  He has 4 older sisters and is the best uncle in the world!

  • Candis

    Candis was born and raised in the outskirts of Idaho Falls. She has been a tech and the sterilization specialist at MRVH since 2006. She runs a herd of cattle, and of cats. She is the feline connoisseur of Southeastern Idaho.

  • Carolyn

    Carolyn grew up in Utah, raised her family in Mountain Home, (which includes 3 children and 3 grandkids) then moved to Eastern Idaho for her husband’s career. She loves to hike, do yard work, be active, and is great with numbers. She manages two veterinary practices and is #1 client advocate at MRVH.

  • Coleen

    Coleen was born in Silverdale, Washington and moved to Rigby, Idaho with her family when her dad retired from the military. She graduated from Rigby high school and then proceeded to follow her passion and her love of animals. She decided to combine it with her fascination of medicine, by studying at the College of Southern Idaho where she graduated May 10th 2019 with her associates in veterinary technology.  Coleen joined the staff at MRVH shortly after she graduated on May 13th, 2019. During her free time, she enjoys riding her horses, fishing, hiking, boating, skiing, snowmobiling, and spending time with her family.

  • Danyel

    For the last 18 years Danyel has been able to have a career that is her passion, not many people get to say that. She is a mother of a 13-year-old boy and 3 dogs. When she is not at the clinic taking care of the animals and clients, she enjoys everything outdoors; hiking, boating, camping, hunting and fishing but only if her son and dogs are with her!

  • DeAnn

    DeAnn grew up in Rexburg. She graduated from South Fremont High School, and then attended Utah State University for a year. She then served a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Southern California. She is working on a veterinary technology degree online from Ashworth College. She enjoys anything outdoors, but especially hunting, fishing, and caring for animals. She has an amazing yellow lab. He's the best, but she's not biased at all!

  • Eleanor

    Eleanor grew up in Alaska and moved to Montana for college. She attended, the University of Montana Western, for Natural Horsemanship. After she graduated with an Associates degree she went to, Pima Medical Institute, she then graduated as a Veterinary Technician. In her free time she loves to go dog mushing, riding her horse and hiking. She started working at Mountain River Veterinary Hospital on July 1st, 2019.

  • Janae

    Janae was raised in Sugar City where she got a good dose of both Western and English equine disciplines-she chose the dark side. Obtained a degree in Veterinary Technology from BYUI….back when they had that for like a month.

  • Jarom

    Jarom is from Rigby, and has worked at MRVH for almost 2 years. He has his Bachlors degree in Biology and is working towards going to vet school. His favorite activites are riding horses and water skiing. He has 2 dogs, and 3 horses. He has been married to the love of his life for 2 years.

  • Justin

    Justin was raised in the backwoods of Rigby, Idaho where his passion for cattle was born. He has extreme accuracy in cattle AI and corral building. He is married to the love of his life and has 4 amazing children, 3 girls and one boy. He runs registered beef cattle and a small hog operation as well as raising top notch bulls to sell for the improvement of your herd! #1 Genex fan!

  • Kim

    Kim has been at MRVH since 2015, and she got a Veterinary Technician degree at BYUI. She is a proud mother of 4 amazing, helpful children. She has a mini pig, bunny, tarantula, cockatiel, and an assortment of dogs and cats. She loves doing dentals and interacting with all kinds of animals big and small.

  • Krystle

    Krystle grew up in a small town called Auburn in Northern California. She grew up on a five acre farm with horses, goats, dogs, cats and lots of little critters. She knew since she was in second grade that she wanted to work in the veterinary industry because of her love for all animals. She moved to Idaho in 2017 and said that she should have been born and raised in Idaho. She met her soulmate shortly after moving to Idaho and has a total of four dogs and three cats together. She loves doing anything outdoors and is always willing to help

  • Maren

    Maren was raised in Idaho Falls, attended CSI for 2 years. She loves to help animals, loves outdoors, loves working with all animals. She has dogs, cats, mules, and chickens. She has been a tech for 13 years, and recently joined the staff at MRVH. 

  • Michelle

    Michelle grew up in a small town in Texas but moved to Idaho to attend college. She graduated from BYU-Idaho with a bachelors degree in animal science, emphasis in animal health and disease. She enjoys being outdoors and participating in athletic events. She loves mini schnauzers and working with calves. 

  • Richard

    Richard is a U.S. Navy trained surgical technician, with 10 years of surgical experience.  He is married and has two children both boys.  Richard has a deep love of animals and greatly enjoys his work with them. He enjoys many hobbies including lifting weights and four wheeling in his truck.

  • Russell

    Russell grew up on a potato farm just outside of Rexburg, Idaho. As a youngster, he was always outside working with the horses and cows. As he grew up he continued to own more animals and knew that his future career would be in animal medicine. Russell attended Pima Medical Institute and received his associate's degree in applied sciences as a veterinary technician. He wishes to continue his education to become a veterinarian at Montana Western University, then later attend Washington State University.

  • Shailie

    Shailie is the boarding manager at the clinic. She has worked at MRVH for almost 3 years and has enjoyed her time here very much. In her spare time she likes anything outdoors, especially if it includes horses. She loves camping, fishing, riding dirt bikes with her husband, dancing, and hiding out during the winter. She has lived here all her life and doesn't plan on leaving anytime soon. For her schooling, she spent a year apprenticing with professional horse trainers and now has her own pony ride business. She loves riding, training, and driving horses. She has 2 dogs, 2 cats, 9 horses, a cockatiel, and velvet rabbits. She is absolutely crazy about her little patch of heaven and wouldn't trade it for anything. 

  • Sylvia

    Sylvia was raised in Nampa, came to Eastern Idaho to complete a BS in Animal Science from BYUI, graduated in 2011.  Worked at MacKay Livestock Supply prior to starting at MRVH where she has been since April of 2013. Married a Wilford native in 2013 and bought a house there.  She enjoys all different kinds of farm animals, but has a special interest in bovine production. One of her favorite things about working at MRVH is the people that she works with and seeing them succeed and grow in their talents.

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