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At Mountain River Veterinary Hospital, we make sure that your pets are well attended to. Meet the diligent and caring staff of the clinic below.

Garth George   Bell

Mountain River Veterinary Hospital Staff

We at Mountain River Veterinary Hospital are here to help take care of any of your pets needs! Loving what we do, the patients we work with, and the owners of these amazing animals.

  • Dr.
    Garth Waddoups, DVM
    Practice Owner

    Garth graduated from Washington State University in 1990. He has taught laser surgery all over the world and has special interest in orthopedic and soft tissue surgeries as well. He takes joy in making his operating room a place only the brave will go. He is an equal opportunity jokester. Pays special attention to detail and is extremely aware of any potential improvements that could be obtained within the workplace. Enjoys riding horses, leatherwork, welding and rawhide braiding.

  • Dr. George Olaveson, DVM
    Practice Owner

    George grew up in Rigby with a large family and a large number of animals. This is where he developed an interest in veterinary medicine. He spent many hours working with local practitioners and that fueled an even greater desire to pursue a career in this amazing field. After schooling at Idaho State University and Washington State University he began practice in 1993. In 2005 he saw the completion of Mountain River Veterinary Hospital and has enjoyed nearly everyday there. He has especially enjoyed the people that trusted him with the care of their animals. He has been blessed to have the most amazing wife and children, who have been everything to him at work and at home. They just love to be together doing whatever the adventure of the day entails.

    Thank you for you loyal support of such a fun place to work.

  • Dr. Angela Bell, DVM
    Associate Veterinarian

    Dr. Angela Bell comes from Casper, WY where she has practiced veterinary medicine for the past ten years. Receiving her graduate degree at Ross University and Kansas State, Dr. Bell has extensive experience with medicine, soft tissue surgery and has advanced skills and training in small animal dentistry.  Dr. Bell joined the Mountain River Veterinary Staff June 2022. She enjoys comprehensive pet care from gestation, preventative medicine, critical care, surgery, to complete geriatric comfort care.  Most of all she enjoys getting to know her clients and sharing a mutual compassion for pets.

    Dr. Bell is a mother of young twins and is a twin herself. In her free time she enjoys being with family, hiking, horseback riding, traveling, and creative projects.  She has traveled extensively and has lived several years overseas throughout the world.  Some of those places include the Azores Islands, Portugal, Russia, the Caribbean, Togo, Japan, Germany, Spain, Belgium, and Estonia. 

    Dr. Bell has served in the Wyoming Veterinary Medical Association (WVMA) as President. Throughout her service she has organized and attended local and national meetings serving as an advocate for the veterinary profession in Wyoming.  Some topics include protecting the professional services such as dentistry, humane topics such as declawing cats, and the veterinary role in protecting the public with the opioid crisis.  Dr. Bell is also the president of a nonprofit organization called Paws For Kids where she donates her time and money on behalf of children's education in struggling countries.

  • Ashley P.
    Veterinary Technician

    Ashley was born and raised in Island Park Idaho. She has always had a big heart for animals. She really started to love working with animals after working at a shelter and learning the health care side of things. Ashley has been working at Mountain River Vet since December 2022. She loves to ride horses, taking care her two dogs Rosie and Willow out for walks, and going to the gym.

  • Ashley W.
    Boarding Kennel Tech

    Ashley was born and raised in Rigby Idaho. She married her best friend in August of 2023. She loves to go fishing, hiking, swimming and playing the ukulele. Ashe is also a mermaid at the East Idaho Aquarium. Ashley absolutely loves animals whether it is playing with them, or just taking care of them. Ashley joined the Mountain River Boarding Staff in 2022. She aspires to further her knowledge and experience in the animal care field. She feels that working here has ben a wonderful opportunity and has given her lots of experience and new friends!

  • Brian B.

    Brian's family moved to Rigby when he was 3 years old.  He graduated from Rigby High School in 2013.  His favorite animals are horses and dogs and he loves working at MRVH.  He keeps busy throughout the year participating in sports with Special Olympics.  His favorite sport is playing basketball but especially looks forward to horseback riding and competition every summer.  He has 4 older sisters and is the best uncle in the world!

  • Caitlin B.

    Caitlin was born and raised in Layton Utah! She is currently attending BYU-I studying animal science. She has loved animals all her life, growing up with chickens, ducks and turkey's. Throughout her childhood and even now she has loved to go hiking, paddle boarding and hunting. Caitlin joined the Mountain River Vet team in 2023.

  • Cambria K.
    Veterinary Assistant

    Cambria grew up in Idaho Falls and graduated from Madison High School last year. She has grown up around animals her whole life and found a passion for working with them. Cambria's family currently has 3 dogs: a 5 year old yellow lab named Luke, a 4 year old american bulldog named Piper, and a 1 year old french bulldog named Dexter. Cambria is currently attending BYU-I in the Animal Science program. She plans to graduate in 2026 and begin working as a Vet Tech. She loves spending time outdoors, whether it is camping, riding dirt bikes, fishing, or hiking. Cambria has been working at Mountain River Vet since 2023.

  • Candis B.
    Sterilization Specialist

    Candis was born and raised in the outskirts of Idaho Falls. She has been a tech and the sterilization specialist at MRVH since 2006. She runs a herd of cattle, and of cats. She is the feline connoisseur of Southeastern Idaho.

  • Carolyn W.
    Accounts/Financial Manager

    Carolyn grew up in Utah, raised her family in Mountain Home, (which includes 3 children and 3 grandkids) then moved to Eastern Idaho for her husband’s career. She loves to hike, do yard work, be active, and is great with numbers. She manages two veterinary practices and is #1 client advocate at MRVH.

  • Danyel R.
    Practice Manager

    Danyel spent 16 years working with Dr. Kinghorn before he retired. She moved her career to Mountain River Veterinary Hospital in 2016. Danyel has been able to have a career that is her passion, not many people get to say that. She is a mother of a wonderful son and 3 dogs. When she is not at the clinic taking care of the animals and clients, she enjoys everything outdoors; hiking, boating, camping, hunting, archery and fishing but only if her son and dogs are with her!

     As the practice manager, Danyel is happy to help clients with any questions, concerns and needs.

  • Glenna L.
    Financial Secretary

    Glenna was born in San Diego, California. She loves the ocean and has spent much time there with friends and having church youth activities.  Glenna went to college as an Art major and Music minor.  However, she decided she enjoyed the medical field and ended up in the Plastic Surgery field as a receptionist, accountant, transcriptionist and/or also did insurance.  Glenna and her family decided to move to Idaho 15 years ago and discovered she loves it in Idaho.  After her husband passed away, she served a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints Family Services for two years.  Glenna started working for Mountain River Vet Hospital the summer of 2019.  Her deep love of animals has given her the ability to see a multitude of pets and animals.  Glenna had 4 children (her oldest son was killed in Iraq) and now has 16 grandchildren.

  • Jamie C.
    Veterinary Technician

    Jamie grew up in eastern Pennsylvania where she earned her bachelors degree at Kutztown University.  She has been a technician for about three years before starting at MRVH in August 2020. She loves all animals, but equine medicine is her favorite! Jamie spends her free time riding horses, mountain biking, and hiking. She moved to Idaho in 2016 and resides in Roberts with her husband Matt, her horses and her border collie Walle. 

  • Justin H.
    Artificial Insemination Manager

    Justin was raised in the backwoods of Rigby, Idaho where his passion for cattle was born. He has extreme accuracy in cattle AI and corral building. He is married to the love of his life and has 4 amazing children, 3 girls and one boy. He runs registered beef cattle and a small hog operation as well as raising top notch bulls to sell for the improvement of your herd! #1 Genex fan!

  • Kassidy S.
    Boarding Manager

    Kassidy has lived in Idaho for the last 7 years. She has always had a love for animals and wants to be around them more than people. She enjoys hiking, backpacking, camping, hunting, and basically anything outdoors. Her biggest hobby is the sport of mushing. She's raised and trained her own team of Alaskan Huskies to be sled dogs. She often competes in races during the fall and winter months with them.

  • Katherine W.
    Boarding Kennel Tech

    Katherine grew up in Utah with her family raising cows, chickens and helping with farm work. She moved up to Idaho once she got married to her best friend. She loves working with animals and has been around them all her life. She started working for Mountain River Boarding in 2023.
    Her hobbies include drawing, reading, playing videogames with her husband and taking their cat on walks.

  • Krystle H.
    Veterinary Technician

    Krystle grew up in a small town called Auburn in Northern California. She grew up on a five acre farm with horses, goats, dogs, cats and lots of little critters. She knew since she was in second grade that she wanted to work in the veterinary industry because of her love for all animals. She moved to Idaho in 2017 and said that she should have been born and raised in Idaho. She met her soulmate shortly after moving to Idaho and has a total of four dogs and three cats together. She loves doing anything outdoors and is always willing to help

  • Leesa F.
    Veterinary Technician

    Leesa is a girl that has had a love of animals her whole life. She’s always dreamed of working with animals in some way, and finally had an opportunity. She moved up from Utah to work with her sister-in-law as a vet tech. She has a large family and plenty of animals back home, loves playing video games, and loves going longboarding during the summer. She joined the boarding staff in 2022, and then moved over to join the technician's in 2023.

  • Makenzi D.
    Cleaning Assistant

    Makenzi was born and raised in southeast Idaho. She has always had a love for all animals since she was a toddler. Her family constantly told her to go into the vet industry due to her love for animals and interest in helping them heal from injuries'. Makenzi has 1 animals; a chinchilla, 2 cats, and 4 dogs. She hopes to keep growing her funny farm as time goes by and adopt more animals that are in need of a loving home. Makenzi joined the Mountain River staff in 2023.

  • Marty M.

    Marty grew up in American Fork, UT.  She has been with MRVH since August of 2019.  She has always had a love for animals, and feels lucky to able to work around them.  She has 8 cats, a dog, and 2 bunnies.  She and her husband Jake moved up to Idaho 4 years ago and love living in a slow paced, farming community.  Animals have always had a soft spot in Marty's heart and she loves being able to be a part of taking care of your furry babies! 

  • MiKayla M.
    Veterinary Technician

    Mikayla grew up on a small hobby farm in Salem Idaho raising cows, pigs and chickens. She is currently attending BYU-I where she is working on her BS in animal science. She is married to the love of her life raising Nickey, a standard dachshund. Her hobbies include reading, being outdoors and going on adventures with her husband. She has been working for Mountain River Vet since 2020.

  • Nate C.
    Veterinary Technician

    Nate is from Las Vegas, Nevada. He is studying animal science at BYU-I and has a cat and dog of his own. He likes to golf, fish, and go wake surfing. Nate loves his job and helping people and animals alike. Nate will be applying for vet school in fall 2024. Nate has been working for Mountain River Vet since 2022.

  • Qiara M.
    Veterinary Technician Assistant

    Qiara grew up in Chicago and moved to Idaho in 2019 to go to school at BYU-I. She is majoring in Animal Science and plans to graduate in Fall of 2024. She loves all animals and has always wanted to be a vet. She plans to apply for vet school  and start in 2025. Qiara started working for Mountain River Veterinary Hospital in 2023. Her hobbies include volleyball and being in the fields with animals.

  • Richard H.
    Surgical Technician

    Richard is a U.S. Navy trained surgical technician, with 10 years of surgical experience.  He is married and has two children both boys.  Richard has a deep love of animals and greatly enjoys his work with them. He enjoys many hobbies including lifting weights and four wheeling in his truck.

  • Shylah R.
    Veterinary Technician

    Shylah grew up riding and training horses in Texas. She moved from Texas to Idaho in 2019 to get a bachelor’s in animal science. Still working on getting that degree, but along the way she met and married her wonderful husband David. She started working at Mountain River Veterinary Hospital in 2020. Added two sweet dogs dogs to the family that love kids so added a baby girl to the family too. Shylah loves spending time with her family, cooking, and hiking.

  • Sydney H.
    Veterinary Technician

    Sydney grew up in Middleton, Idaho with her family.  She served a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Tucson, Arizona and graduated from the College of Southern Idaho’s vet tech program.  She enjoys camping, hiking, horseback riding, and playing the violin.  Best of all, she loves to spend time with family and friends.

  • Sylvia S.
    Bovine Specialist

    Sylvia was raised in Nampa, came to Eastern Idaho to complete a BS in Animal Science from BYUI, graduated in 2011.  Worked at MacKay Livestock Supply prior to starting at MRVH where she has been since April of 2013. Married a Wilford native in 2013 and bought a house there.  She enjoys all different kinds of farm animals, but has a special interest in bovine production. One of her favorite things about working at MRVH is the people that she works with and seeing them succeed and grow in their talents.

  • Tayden R.
    Veterinary Technician

    Tayden was raised in Ririe Idaho. She has always wanted to work in the veterinary field for as long as she can remember, she has always had a passion for animals. She moved to Montana in 2018 to attend college, where she graduated from Pima Medical Institute. She joined the Mountain River staff in June 2020. She has 5 horses and 2 amazing dogs. Outside of working her life consists of (her favorite hobby) riding and training horses!

  • Brittney Waddell

    Brittney was born and raised in Rexburg. She spent most of her time growing up with her dad running race horses or at the farm running cattle with her grandpa. She spent every chance she got in Kilgore every summer, that is heaven on earth to her. Once she graduated from high school she started to rodeo at the professional level and grew to love training colts. Her heart is in the equine/ cattle industry although she thrives on helping any animal in anyway she can! She has been in the veterinary industry for almost a decade now. She spends any extra time she has at a rodeo or on the farm running cattle with her grandpa.

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